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Welcome to my new website. To make my site more user friendly interactive and modern I decided to switch hosts. So after months of rebuilding I fended my site was far enough along to publish.

There are lots of new features. A mailing list you can subscribe to to get updates about litters born puppies for sale new imports updates and new pages to the site and anything else I want to share.

There is also a new chat feature you can click on it and chat with me instantly as long as I have Internet access I can write back to you via my phone tablet or computer. If you don't get a reply then I am unavailable so drop me an email.

Also there is a new testimonial page and I am asking everyone who has bought from me or anyone I have helped to leave me a review for others as it is really hard to find breeders you can really trust. If you join my UK pom group you will see all the recommendations from everyone there as well but I want everyone to leave one on my site as well so it's there for all to see.

Also I'm trying to find an app for a guestroom for people to leave messages but it seems to be an out of date concept these days but I used to like all the messages so I will find a way to do it and let you all know when it's up and running because I love to read everyone's messages.

So I think that's it for now if I think of anything else I'll update you all here xx

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