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Pommania Puppy Updates

just a quick update as lots of people asking. all my boys ready to leave are reserved. i have new pups born with one white boy one orange boy with white markings and one orange boy from another litter. Ive got a cream due in about a week likely to have cream and white pups. then next month i have a wolf sable kira due to mason so not 100% sure what colour i will get and also a black and tan girl due next month so she will have black and tan. These new born pups won't be ready to reserve until they are on there feet and starting to eat so another 2 or 3 weeks and should be fine to leave at 10 weeks of age.

That's the situation with puppy boys. I do have girls born in these new litters but too early to make any decisions but at the moment not likely to be any available from the 2 litters born now. I do have a litter of 3 black and tan girls and i might be making one of them available they will be ready to leave as soon as i decide if i do let one go but they are superb quality so will be expensive. i might have an older black and tan girl available as she's not that big and i did keep her and her 2 sisters. They are a year old very preety again she will be expensive. At the moment i think i might keep the cream girl i was going to let go i need to go over her again and decidie. I don't want to let anything go i will regret later, i've done too much of that so want to be sure before i make any girls available.

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Sheena Simpson
Sheena Simpson
Aug 07, 2020

Hi I have been in touch with you before and I am looking for a girl. I have received your email with your update and am really interested .I Already have 4poms but three of them are rehomes and older . I do have one little boy three years old and I do show him .I am sending you his photo I am looking forward to hearing from you thank you Sheena

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