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Pommania rehoming adults

Due to further health issue I'm now rehoming a number of young middle age and older pomeranians. Girls and boys in the younger bracket and older retired girls. I need to reduce my numbers further and take on some home help to manage my condition. I've not given up yet but right now I have way too much going on to be able to manage my health and my dogs without a number of staff so for the best for my dogs I need to get them to a number I can manage. They will not be free as I still have to pay for help to care for everyone until I can reduce to a manageable number which is probably going to take the best part of a year as this is extreamly difficult for me to have to accept and to do.

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Hi Zoe we have spoken before. Just joined ur group. Do you need people to foster or full rehoming only ? 😊 thanks

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