I do not breed merle because quite simply the pattern has never existed in the history of the breed and it has also never been in the german spitz which is where poms came from.


The merle gene was introduced into the pomeranian breed by crossbreeding them to shelties.

Therefore merles are the result of crossbreeding and producing fake pedigrees.


I highly advise against buying a merle from the UK and certainly do not encourage the breeding of them. They are banned in the whole of europe for a very good reason. If you really must insist on having one i would only suggest buying from the usa from a breeder who is also showing and winning with them because they are the only people who have been working hard to produce good examples of the breed and i have to say there are some very good examples of them in the usa from the right breeders. The only people who have them in the uk have done no research and have bought from dubious sellers and they are only in it for the money like this person on posh pets who had no idea about the breed mating or delivering puppies she has made it quite clear all she is interested in is the cash as are the people who have been using her stud dog who cannot even walk correctly and should not be used as stud purely on the fact he is a terrible example with too many faults to mention regardless of his merle gene. You will be able to buy from the usa from a dedicated breeder for far less than they are charging in the uk so it is worth looking into if you really must have one.