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Lets make it quite clear

To make it quite clear. i am happy to go to court to protect my dogs and my reputation and to uphold my contacts. To put an end to the recent allegations made by ms vicky cui her female pom had a hormone imbalance as diagnosed by her vet proof of which was given to me during the court case as some people will know each side is given a copy of the evidence submitted which they obviously did not realise happened. Also proof was given to me that ms cui lied to me telling me she was a pet buyer only and not interested in breeding yet her vet made a note in his comments that she was upset at the diagnosis and the bitch needing spaying because she had bought the dog as a breeding bitch which she most certainly did not. She also bought a second dog from me knowing the first had a hormone imbalance and knowing it was not my fault and for reasons unknown to me her husband decided to take me to court. They were claiming the girl they bought was not a pedigree pomeranian and claimed i mis sold them the boy. I won the case based on the evidence provided by both sides and here is a copy of the judgement. I am an honest breeder well known and well respected breeder around the world with an excellent reputation and will always to settle any problems which may arise which are my fault. I support my dogs and my breeding and most of my buyers i am now happy to call good friends. In any place of competition there will always be those who want to drag you down and will use any dirty underhand tactics they can and sadly fb is a great tool for them but it is also a great tool for me to prove my innocence every time. You can 100% trust me as a breeder and as a friend and i will always stand by my dogs and their buyers. If anyone wants to see my supporting evidence please just ask i am happy to share and if anyone is unsure and would like to visit my home and my dogs you are more than welcome and you will see i keep them better than any other breeder or show person and also a lot of pet homes. They only ever see the inside of a cage when they are in the car going to the vet never at bed time or day time at home, never ever, unlike most of the breeders who claim to keep them free in their home they still lock them away in cages in there home and others keep them in kennels and sheds. The things i have seen over the years would have you in tears as it did me and i will never treat my poms like that they are my family and my life <3 without prejudice

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