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Available puppies

We have a number of puppies avialable from just born black and tan, 6 week old orange, new born orange sable and or cream sable only just born so need a few weeks to be sure on there base one is orange sable for certain the other could go either way. 7 month old cream could go light orange once he gets his adult coat or be a blend of both with a deeper colour to his back and cream bum and bib and a cute little red with white toes. All boys at the moment. All small correct size poms estimated from 4 to 6 lb as adults. there might be a black and tan girl in a couple of months once I've chosen mine from the litter and maybe a sable as well. We also still have adults for re homing for which I'll do a separate post. Email me at or call text or WhatsApp 07359080105

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