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Available pomeranian puppies

I breed only for myself in the hope of producing my next show dog. I cannot keep every litter so Pomeranian puppies will sometimes be available as pets or for show.

Pets are sold strictly as pet only and not for breeding. All dogs come with a contract of sale KC registration papers are withheld as they are not proof of ownership and of no use to a genuine pet home but a pedigree will be given with the puppy along with all other paperwork and food and everything. If at any time you can't keep the Pomeranian dog it must be returned to me the breeder or other arrangements agreed with me as per the conditions of the contract of sale.

I will sell for show only in the UK from certain lines. It's mainly my & Tan and wolf lines i want to keep for myself. This may change in the future or from certain pedigrees which are already available in the uk so it is always worth asking me if you may want to breed as well as show.

I do not sell purely for breeding if you want to breed you must first show the dog.


A deposit is acceptance of these terms and conditions. All payments are non refundable. 


Exports - I will export show potential puppies e-mail me with your request and i will let you know what may be available.

Please E-Mail for details on any Pomeranian puppies for sale which may be available or check below for updates.

Be sure to include details as i will not answer to simple - have you and how much questions. I do ensure they go to good homes and retain the right to refuse sale of a puppy.


Please read my buying guide here and 

about teacup pomeranian puppies for sale here 

Please read our page on vaccinations 

Join our FB group for a pomeranian puppy for sale

Pictures of available puppies

shaded sable boy
shaded sable boy super tiny
shaded sable and orange boy
orange boy
Pomeranian Puppies due Soon

LAST UPDATED  03/10/23

Show prospects and pets available for sale to good homes only.

I do not sell to people who keep their dogs in kennels cages or commercial breeders.

Prices range from £1500-£5000 for champion pedigree show quality Pomeranian puppies with an average pet price of £2500 for boys and £3000 for girls  

A non refundable deposit of £500 is payable to secure a puppy of your choice until it is ready to leave for it's new home.


Delivery is also available with a DEFRA licensed and insured courier



Pet homes only not for breeding

A number of adult females looking for loving pet homes as well as older puppies males and females from 6 months to 18 months see our rehoming page for these available poms.

This does not mean the end of Pommania just need to slow down

2 x Orange puppy boys 14 and 16 months old ready to leave now Teddy bear muzzle

Two 14 week old orange boys 

black and tan boys 16 weeks and 20 weeks

black and tan girls 16 weeks and a tiny 8 month old

14 month old cream sable boy

4 month old orange sable boy show type tiny

Please send me full details about yourself and your home family and any other pets for details on available puppies and adults for rehoming. Send via email or whatsapp 07359080105

I am NOT breeding for profit and DO NOT take deposits for puppies that are not even born yet unlike for-profit companies advertising out there. This is not even a good business practice in poms as they have such small litters you can never know what is going to be born so to take money for puppies which have not even been born yet is just plain wrong and should ring alarm bells about why these people are breeding and exactly how much they are breeding to be able to take your money before the puppies are even born Be very careful who you give your money to there are some very bad sellers out there taking advantage right now!

Buying a puppy from me you will be able to visit and see both parents and sometimes their extended family as well and get a lifetime of support from an experienced trusted breeder with 20 years in poms alone.

Please email me for more details or questions

If you need me to call you back just ask.


A non refundable deposit paid is acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale. All payments are non-refundable. A copy of the contract of sale is available in advance.



PET homes only not for breeding and they MUST be spayed or castrated either before leaving or with there new owner.

All for pet only which means not for breeding!



I prefer buyers to visit me and my home at least once but am happy if you want to use a recommended courier. Payment must be made in full before the puppy can be collected by a courier and all contracts to be returned to me.

buying from me you will know exactly where your puppy has come from and paying half the price of these extortionate agents who are trading illegally without a licence. 

Can you really trust you are getting what you are told?

We already have proof one of them is buying £500-1000 puppy farm Russian market dogs and reselling to the public in the UK for £5000 after they have been illegally imported on forged passports as Russia is not part of the EU they must come in on a vet certificate and not a forged passport.

Buyers have already had their puppies seized and put in quarantine for being illegal imports.

And now it is all coming out in the papers after Molly from love island got one of these puppies from Tiffany puppies and it was hospitalised after just 2 days and died

The other massive problem we are seeing is that these agents are importing German spitz and Spitz cross Shelties because they come in the colours and patterns they want to push like the blues and chocolate and Merle but when the pedigree is investigated they are always spitz breeding and not pure Pomeranian.

Buyers also need to be aware Merle is not a pattern which exists in the Pomeranian or spitz breeds and has only been introduced into the Pomeranian by cross-breeding with shelties.

whilst some American breeders have done amazing with breeding them making them look like Pomeranians they are banned in all fci countries which includes Russia which is 3/4 of the world and also the UK has banned the registration of all Merle dogs where the pattern does not occur naturally which includes Pomeranians for a very good reason. Unfortunately, these greedy breeders are still registering litters with fake pedigrees and not declaring the colour and just using any accepted colour to get papers for these mutts.



I will export show quality poms to small breeders who keep their dogs in the home and not outside in kennels.

     Deposits or payments made are non refundable if the buyer pulls out of the sale through no fault of the breeder.






Sire and dam are good representatives of the breed, healthy and sound of mind and body - Beautiful puppies and adults begin with the selection of their parents - Good nutrition and care during pregnancy and lactation are needed for both the puppies and their mother - The puppies' early care is paramount to good personality and health throughout life. 




Puppies are handled from birth, well socialized from an early age, and exposed to differing environments to help their psychological development - At eight weeks of age, puppies are weaned, eating well, and ready for the trip to the vet for a  check up - Under supervision and weather permitting, the garden becomes a wonderland to explore, play and develop strong minds, body and legs. - Companion puppies are available occasionally, ready to go at ten to twelve weeks of age.




The Pomeranian in build and appearance should be a compact, short coupled dog, well knit in frame. He should exhibit great intelligence in his expression, docility in his disposition, and activity, and buoyancy in his deportment, and be sound in action. Look for beautiful coat, soft, almond eyes, ears small and on top of the head, tail well coated and lying on top of the back. Self-assured and in charge of his world, the Pomeranian ideal size is 4 to 5 lbs, but no one ever told him he was small. At home on your lap or traveling your world, the Pomeranian is an ideal, loving companion devoted to his family.

take good care of my baby -
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