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jini had a reason show career as a puppy but sadly did not end up as a show quality adult so we tried her in the whelping box. Jini produced 2 pretty puppies but sadly too tiny and no good for show so Jini was sold to someone who liked her type.

Jini was bred to my Ch Kodie as part of her terms of sale and i was meant to have pick of the boys but was told which one i would be given and not allowed to choose. Sadly this puppy was no good and had to be pet homed because of his many holes in the skull which all 3 puppies in the litter had at 12 weeks old. 

This puppy has now developed epilepsy

UPDATED this puppy has now been diagnosed with syringomyelia the same as his maternal sister from jini's first litter has also been diagnosed with. Despite jini's owner knowing all of this she has still gone on to breed from jini again and again and refuses to have the litter mates tested for sm knowing they will be affected and selling them to poor buyers who have not been made aware of the condition they carry.

I now know Jini should have never been bred from as i found out in 2014 a maternal brother of hers has a very serious condition which Jini has produced in 2 of her puppies and the 2 puppies kept by her current owner should not be bred from ether as they have the same problem as there brother i was given but even after giving her current owner all the details she is not interested and is breeding from them all regardless. 

Jini's new owner was well compensated by me with over £5,000 and she only actually paid 1250 for jini plus giving me the puppy back that was no good. She was given another puppy bitch for free and she did not have to give me another puppy even though mine was diseased. 


Jini's first litter produced one called Minni with this condition jini's brother has called atlanto-axial subluxation details can be seen on this site.

jini's 2nd litter bred at leacartoys by Rachael pickering has produced another affected puppy from the litter of 3. All 3 puppies at 12 weeks old had multiple holes around the skull the same as mini and the puppy i was given and forced to place as a pet because the breeder refused to take responsibility is affected with Syringomyelia as well. It remains to be seen if ether of the other 2 puppies are affected as well with this subluxation but they do have multiple holes in the skull the same as there SM affected brother. 

The breeder has not spoken to me since i told her there was a problem with her puppy she gave me and told me it wasn't her problem. It IS her problem because she is breeding from dogs who at best are carriers of these conditions the subluxation and epilepsy cm/sm and she does not care!

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