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I am keen to take on appointments especially in Pomeranians as they are my primary breed and my passion. 

I have passed my hands on, conformation and requirements of a show judge exams. I have also done my Pomeranian Breed Seminar and my Japanese Shiba Inu breed seminar i am on my requested breed club C Judges Lists.  

I am interested in Judging Pomeranians as a breed specialist and Smoothcoat Chihuhua japanese shiba inu and other toy and utility breeds as i will do my homework first. I have judged, lhaso apso, king charles, tibetan terrier as open shows.

Please email if you feel you have an appointment i could do or to request a copy of my cv and previous appointments



When evaluating the dog, except for disqualifications, and deviations of the bite as specified, one fault is no worse than another; a better approach is to add up the good qualities and discern which dog is closest to the ideal. If, instead, the judge concentrates on faults, the dog that wins may have the least faults, but may not have the most desired qualities, and may not be the best dog in the ring.

Emphasis should not be placed on one fault or virtue to the detriment of seeing the total dog, which is complete only with all of its parts. Personal preference to a particular style of the breed should not affect the evaluation process. The standard, the condition of the dogs, and showmanship are all considered when judging. A lesser dog should not win simply based on showmanship;

A very good dog should not lose because of less pleasing ring presence.

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