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Pomeranian Rescue & ReHoming

Update 03/10/23

We have a few Pomeranian Rescue  poms looking for forever homes.

Alfie a 9 year old english pom. Came from a loving mother and very well trained but will not tollerate babies or toddlers or young puppies.

Casper just arrived and he is a spitz type cross 9 years old, needs a little tlc and weight gain and reguar grooming. Loved by his last owners but a marrige break up forced them to rehome him as neither landlord would allow pets. Walks well on the lead well trained, orange in colour.

Please email me at or text or what app or call 07359080105 if you are interested in learning more and possibly offering a forever home to one of these beautiful fur kids

we are in desperate need of items for the dogs. food, puppy pads, cleaning stuff, if you don't want to donate cash to help toward the escalating vet, food and bills please follow our link to our amazon wish list to buy products for the dogs where you can also add your own items to donate but the list shows you the type of things we need and that they use.

thank you in advance any help big or small makes all the difference.

Or if you are able to help and donate some of your free time and come and do some cleaning or grooming or if you have a handy partner ;) we have some odd jobs and repairs in desperate need of doing.

I just cannot keep up with it all on my own with my declining health and rising cost of living i am struggling and have had to limit the number of resuces i can take in at any one time but i am not ready to give up just yet.

I have never ever asked for help in over 20 years of breeding showing training, running my own rescue until now was all paid for by myself and i never took donations and gave free help to all pom owners and breeders not just people who bought from me.

I am now asking for some of that to be returned to help me and the many poms in need of rescue.

just message or email if you can do anything to help. 07359080105













Soon we will start posting the available puppies and adults looking for new homes keep checking back through the week for updates 


black and tan girl 6 years old - Jenny picture above

Black and tan girl 8 years old - Tipsy picture above

12 month old orange boy

16 month old orange sable boy

12 month old orange sable boy

12 month old cream sable boy

Most girls are not ready to leave and will not be prepared to leave until they have found their new home and a deposit has been paid to secure them. The deposit will be £400 non refundable.

Adults are not for breeding and will be priced between £750 and £1500 based on their age type and quality and vet fees needed to prepare them for their new home which include spaying, dental if needed. unfortunately vet fees have increased significantly these last few years so i have to raise the minimum price for an adult pom. Older puppies will be from 1250 to 2000 

Please email me for more details or questions

If you need me to call you back just ask. 

07359 080105

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Our Pomeranian Rescue rescue has been set up to help find forever homes for rescue Pomeranians.

We are dedicated to all Pomeranians in need of loving homes. If you know of a pom that is in need of help please contact us. If you have a situation where you can no longer care for your pom please contact us. We will do everything we can to find these babies new and permanent homes. We provide medical care and foster homes for these Poms and then adopt them into carefully selected new families.

Most dogs that come to Rescue are larger or older and or abused in much need of a loving understanding home. Many dogs in Rescue come from puppy farms or commercial breeders. If you are looking for that little ball of fur or a small little baby to cuddle you will need to purchase one from a reputable breeder .You will NOT find it in Rescue.

If you are thinking of adding a new pom to your family, please do the research involved in educating yourself on the needs of having a new furry companion and remember that this is a life long commitment.  Make sure that the breed you are interested in will be a proper fit for your lifestyle, home, and family.  Different breeds have different needs.  Poms are not toys, and should not be discarded because they become inconvenient, or because their needs are more than you bargained for.

Before anyone can adopt a Pomeranian you must e-mail us with all your details and and an introduction about yourself your family and why you want a rescue and why you are suitable to offer a home to a rescue the next stage is an interview. This process divides the serious from the not-so-serious potential owner and gives the new owners the opportunity to think about what they are taking on.

This way, there are no impulsive decisions and we can be sure the pom is going to the right home. A home visit may be required and is often followed up with a post-adoption visit.
All Pomeranians are neutered - as well as microchipped and vaccinated - before they are rehomed.

Once the checks have been done you will be contacted and told if you were successful. 

If you have been successful when you take your pom home you will need to spend time getting to know each other. Your pom will need to learn where he or she fits in the family. A problem that some people have when they rehome a rescue is that the dog doesn't like to be left alone. A dog can't understand why it has been taken from its previous home and can sometimes feel very insecure when the new owners go out because they may never come back. Dogs can't tell us when they're upset so they show it in other ways, like barking or making a mess in the house. It is important that you don't tell them off, because they are not being naughty - they are just finding ways to show you that they are worried or upset. 

You can help your dog to overcome this problem by:

  • going out for short periods and slowly increasing the time that you leave them alone

  • giving your dog a chew or toy to play with while you are out

  • teaching your dog that being left alone can be enjoyable and relaxing.

You should not leave your dog alone for too long, and remember accidents can still happen. 

It takes time and hard work to help your Pomeranian get used to its new life, and to help it overcome problems, but all the time and effort will be worth it when the end result is a happy well-balanced dog!

If you need to find a new home for your pom bring them to us and we will assure a kind long term home will be found for them with our full support.

We vet every home and new owner and can pass on your contact details if you want to keep in touch.


We are based on the Shropshire Worcestershire borders so are wall located within reach of many areas.


If you are able to help our rescue poms please use the donate button.

All funds go towards the rescue poms vet bills and expenses

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